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Monitor Arms

LCD Arms

People want every product to have good provision of functional benefits. When LCD TV sets and computer monitors were created the engineers put a stress towards their mounts and places where they can be set up. Everything what concerned TV sets it was very simple. The best solution is a wall. And as for the computer LCD monitors there were quite different solutions. The monitors should be installed on the desks. It was a first pattern but not the last one. Depending upon from the place where the desk is located it determined the point. Another problem was how far the monitor is from the desk or user. New tendency requires that all products should be ergonomically suited. This capability is solved by LCD monitor arm.

It fits completely to the personal needs. Its structure gives a feeling of ergonomic correspondence to new design tendencies. The possibility to hold a monitor and any place enables the desire to spread the usage of LCD monitors in different places. LCD monitor arms gave the opportunity to install the monitors in supermarkets, hospitals, warehouses and other locations. They adjust the monitor towards any person with the accordance to personal characteristics. Mechanical solutions were introduced in the construction. Modern swivels showed the ability to adjust the unit to any desire. Ease of handling admitted that even a child can operate with the LCD monitor arm. The light but durable pivots and arms themselves are made from the light die cast aluminum which can be recycles after the end of usage.

The mount of the LCD monitor arm is light and solid, the brackets permit snapping the mount towards the monitor easily. The volume of the tasks which the LCD monitor arm should solve corresponds to the means of their realization. Different positions determine the availability to set up in any possible place. The link with the other objects and environment influences the disposition and the execution of it role. When the monitor arm is to be connected to LCD TV set it bears rather big weight and each part has to guarantee safe and stability in any position. Solid mount enables perfect connection to the wall or ceiling. The crews are hidden by organic covers. Every detail is ergonomically allied together that gives and impression of a finished accessory.

The LCD monitor arms are devoted to fulfill their role in users’ comprehension. When the user needs to work over the task with the help of many monitors he appeals multipurpose monitor arms where it is easy to connect two or even three units to one stand. It expands the usage and mission of the device. Capability to work sitting or standing shows that the wide use of the arm is welcomed. Everyone can fit them to any surface using all advantages from the construction.