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Wall Mount

Our new century came with high technology in all spheres of human life. People create a lot of new technological useful products. Such goods demand a correspondent environment. Architecture designers develop new styles of indoor space. New high tech tendency requires freer floor space. New furniture styles are created to be like a flying Calibri over the flower.

As far as we the people who live in the information world glances on TVs, monitors and Information desks, the main task was posed to the engineers such as how to install everything on the wall. The best brains found wall mounts. They designed a big number of mounts with variety of functions and options. Now there are some essential features of wall mounts. They are divided in some definite ranges. First is to install TVs, then LCD and plasma TVs and commercial monitors. The main requirement is stability and safety. The engineers found the excellent solution.

The wall mounts offer fixed and sliding swivels which can meet the necessity to adjust the TV set to the current environment. It is very convenient to use them in different rooms especially in the kitchens, bars and cafes. It provides an excellent position and improves the best visibility. As far as it is set up on the wall it has to get a perfect angle. It was added a tilt construction. The angle is fixed with studs and provides a steady position. Basic demand is that the wall mount must be light and durable. It is produced from solid steel profile that allowed the screen to be located rather high. At last the supermarkets, airports bus and railway stations decided to offer more qualitative service.

The mount wall maintains rather big weight without any effort. Safety mount is a basic aim to any accessory. If the ordinary TV set is to be settled to the wall the designer adjusted safety strips. If the LCD and plasma was added with hooks and bracket, another problem was solved and it was made lateral shifts or rolls for easy installation. Their form depended upon the wall mount design. The engineer’s solution suggested hiding all cables, as well all connecting screws were covered with plates or modern lids which showed the desire to present the ergonomic construction plan. All the screws are hidden in assigned holes.

When new items are to enter the market the huge amount of preparation work is done. Every detail is gauged and counted. Any possible function is tried many times to get a perfect and simple design. Nobody knows how many tests were done to examine every point and size of any assemble kit. People enjoy their commodities and do not think what provides such amusement. The wall mount performs an ideal aspect of human thought. Any of its designs helps us to obtain a good compensation to our physical demands.