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Monitor Arms

TV Mounts

When LCD/TFT TV sets achieved the preference in our life there emerged an idea to install them on the wall instead of the floor or the table. The TV sets became slim and their installation on the wall appeared obvious. Engineers solved this task when they made some different wall mounts and TV monitor arms.

The main aim was to receive a stability and functional use. Having got safe mounts the designing of TV Monitor Arm was not the problem. Taking into consideration that TVs are used worldwide in every house and commercial building like supermarkets, shops, stations, hospitals etc. it was decided to formulate the properties of the arm and fit it to current needs. As TVs are rather heavy units the TV monitor arm should be durable but light. As usual it is made from the die-cast aluminum, but the material may vary. Their quality is tested for strength and durability along with its design which must comply with esthetic norms and have a nice view. It was easy to get such requirements.

Modern spare parts are used in the construction and its view pleased a lot. The combination of tilt and slide indicate the variety of positions which can be set up. Especially the benefit was obvious in the places where there was a little space but installation of the TV set was essential. Then the gauge sliding length was gained making many tests with different weight. The rotation swivels were adjusted to maintain the whole kit. They fix the position and hold it without any effort. The arm itself hides the cables inside and shows additional advantage in comparison with the floor stands. The arm is slim enough and effective in it functional use. The tilt degree performs the maximum convenience to explore the TV monitor arm. A lot of people and companies did not delay to use it in their own purposes. Designers adjusted TV monitor arms for set up on the desk, on the wall, on the ceiling. Elegant construction was added to create a multi screen solution. Immediately it expanded the functional efficiency of the TV monitor arms.

The displays are connected and look opposite directions that provides less costs when it requires that setup. Innovative use of gas-strut and ball-joint mechanisms defined the main swivel constructions. All of them are passed many experiments and confirmed their life and suitability. The operation of such mechanisms prolongs the functional life and warranty. The mount of the TV monitor arm adjusts the arm itself safety and hides all crews under fashionable cover. Most of the surfaces are powder covered in different colors that gives an impression of high tech design.

All the designs of TV Mounts are going together with the tendency of providing the best service and ergonomic solution.